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Number of Ratings: 2   Average Rating: 3.875

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Dr.Stewart never makes you feel rushed, she is thorough and caring. We are very lucky to have her.
Punctuality: 5
Caring/Helpfulness: 5
Knowledge: 5
The Staff: 5
Review Submitted January 21, 2013   Good Doctor Rating !!
I would have thought maoasyine on burgers questionable but for Guk, the ambrosial condiment made popular by the sublime Lick's hamburger chain. (Visit the Toronto Beaches Licks's store where the cooks sing while they work for the ultimate hamburger experience.) My knees go weak just remembering. Since I was foolish enough to move to a place where there is no Licks (oh, the horror) I mostly make do with mayo these days. Just so you know; Dutch mayo is generally sweeter than Canadian. Still, the stuff in the yellow toothpaste-like tube is the *only* thing to have on a fresh tomato.
Punctuality: 2
Caring/Helpfulness: 3
Knowledge: 3
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted December 18, 2012   OK Doctor Rating !!