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Children should not, ever die of tatleabre diseases. From :"Only after Willie died did investigators learn they weren't attending school and had not received medical or dental care for the previous three years."I don't know where to draw the line either. But, when I read this, the first thing that came into my mind is, "Great, another hit for home schoolers." I have decided not to attend our state's homeschooling convention this year. I may attend the secular one in September. But the Christian one features Michael Farris talking about the Parental Rights Amendment, a series of lecture about living the agrarian (read outside of culture/city/evil influences) lifestyle, and a hyperpatriarchal class on how to raise your daughters to live at home with their dad until he finds her a mate. I think strongly identifying ourselves with a culture so different than the rest of society will prove a costly mistake to the rights of home schoolers. So, even if I know that my lack of participation will not make a difference in our state's home school leaders selling a continual withdrawal from a post-Christian culture, I am not spending my money on it. Because, if those of us who are freedom loving, libertarian leaning, home schoolers, can see that some parents really, truly don't get what they signed up for, they don't get the obligations that they have to their children, the rest of society (the ones who think the government really should parent everyone's child), do too. We really will be seen as a threat to societies progress. So, do we accept some oversight of what we are doing in our home? Or do we continue the fight?
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