Ratings and Reviews for Dr. Geraldine Johnston of Montague, PEI

Number of Ratings: 4   Average Rating: 4.0625

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Dr. Johnston takes her time with each client, hence the 4 for punctuality. She is kind and makes everyone feel comfortable no matter what the appointment.
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 5
Knowledge: 5
The Staff: 5
Review Submitted June 3, 2013   Good Doctor Rating !!
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Punctuality: 3
Caring/Helpfulness: 2
Knowledge: 3
The Staff: 4
Review Submitted March 6, 2012   OK Doctor Rating !!
Punctuality: 5
Caring/Helpfulness: 5
Knowledge: 5
The Staff: 5
Review Submitted February 28, 2012   Good Doctor Rating !!
Great Doc... Very friendly and if you have a problem she doesnt kow ...she will find out for sure. Very good Doctor.
Punctuality: 2
Caring/Helpfulness: 5
Knowledge: 4
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted November 25, 2011   OK Doctor Rating !!