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I have to ask, given that I did than the doctors and that the post was just four snetences long, why would you think otherwise? I know you can to read this blog during my ill-thought out and admittedly stupid Atheist post, but you should know that just because someone accepts things that are not currently proven by science, or deals with things that are really outside the purview of science as we know it, does not mean that they reject things that are proven by science. I believe in the ability of prayer and influence of spiritual forces to impact the healing process. There is even some studies that back this up to a certain extent. But that does not negate the fact that without medical science and its advances that magic or prayer would be extremely poor medicine on its own. If I had to choose between a Sadhana and Medical treatment, I would choose medical every time. Thankfully I don't have to make that choice.
Punctuality: 3
Caring/Helpfulness: 2
Knowledge: 2
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted May 2, 2012   OK Doctor Rating !!
Punctuality: 5
Caring/Helpfulness: 5
Knowledge: 5
The Staff: 5
Review Submitted August 12, 2011   Good Doctor Rating !!