Ratings and Reviews for Dr. Philip Champion of Charlottetown, PEI

Number of Ratings: 3   Average Rating: 3.5833333333333

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I was hesitant to meet with Dr. Champion regarding my cancer treatments due to some of the reports I had read about him. I am so happy that I kept my apt. and made my own opinion of him....he was fantastic and I would highly recommend him.
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 5
Knowledge: 5
The Staff: 5
Review Submitted December 17, 2013   Good Doctor Rating !!
Oh I would love to go to a sushi boat place! That sounds awomese!And don't worry I did some food touring on my own, too. I had a lovely lunch on the floor of the Ferry Building, a bag of giant strawberries at Pier 39 while watching the sea lions and, yes, a big hot fudge and banana sundae at Ghiradelli. Oh I could so go for another one of those!
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 4
Knowledge: 2
The Staff: 4
Review Submitted July 25, 2013   OK Doctor Rating !!
I love the Anne books. My favorite part of Anne of Green Gables is when she cbrbleos Gilbert for calling her Carrot. And I loved Anne of Avonlea when she was a TEACHER!!! Ah, I would love to take that trip. I hope you post lots of great pictures!
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 2
Knowledge: 2
The Staff: 2
Review Submitted May 2, 2012   OK Doctor Rating !!