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Review Submitted November 16, 2013   Good Doctor Rating !!
Atlantic Canada is a joke, all of the provinces slouhd be combined, with ridings of similar population to Ontario.Yes, just what we need, provincial governments that are as remote and distant as possible. Where would the capital be? In any case, Nova Scotia has lower per capita federal representation than either Manitoba or Sask - I suppose you think the Prairies are a joke too? Indeed, Sask has 14 seats for just under a million people - NS has 11 for just over 900,000. The day we get stuck with NB or NL (the Island's fine) will be a cold day in hell.
Punctuality: 3
Caring/Helpfulness: 3
Knowledge: 2
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted October 1, 2012   OK Doctor Rating !!
Punctuality: 5
Caring/Helpfulness: 4
Knowledge: 4
The Staff: 4
Review Submitted March 29, 2012   Good Doctor Rating !!