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Number of Ratings: 2   Average Rating: 3.5

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I can never imagine leviang this place. Even if I did ever live elsewhere, it would be short-term and I know without a doubt that I would come back (I'm thinking sunny South for the winters). Sometimes you need to be away from a place for awhile in order to appreciate it. Everything is relative. We live in on a beautiful Island where everyone knows everyone and you can count on your neighbors and community for support.I hear that comment all the time about there being no good bars to go to around here. I'm with you not a priority. Sometimes I wish there were more restaurants, but Charlottetown is a mere 45 minutes away and has a wider selection.You mean to tell me you are a 43 year old woman and you don't have a husband?!?!?!?!?!? HA HA I can't believe someone actually said Didn't your husband come with you? Really! What if, like you said, he cheated on you, or you are divorced, or he died? I would've said No, but my wife did.
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 2
Knowledge: 4
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted March 29, 2013   OK Doctor Rating !!
Nohtnig I could say would give you undue credit for this story.
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 3
Knowledge: 4
The Staff: 4
Review Submitted October 20, 2011   OK Doctor Rating !!